Where Can I Go to Get My Tummy Tuck Drained?

Question: I had a tummy tuck and lipo on April 4 and the drainage came out on April 13. I did my surgery in the Dominican Republic. I have to get it drained because my stomach is growing due to liquid in my stomach. Where can I go in New Jersey to get the drain out? Please advise. Thanks, I am really scared.

Answer: Little options

I generally advise not to fly anywhere for any cosmetic procedure unless you’re convinced there is no one in your area that is qualified to do it. At this point, I believe your only option is to head into the emergency room. The only other thing to consider is to get on the phone and call around to local plastic surgeons to see what their thoughts are. Finally, what you can do is contact your original surgeon and see if they have made arrangements for these types if situations.