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Skinvive is a unique, injectable skin rejuvenation treatment made by Juvéderm. Unlike other Juvéderm injections, it does not volumize facial tissues or act like a typical filler. Instead, Skinvive rehydrates and renews the skin, promoting a natural glow that heals the skin from within. Its active ingredient is hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance naturally created by the skin and joints for the purpose of lubrication. After just one Skinvive session, you can expect sustained results for the next 6 to 9 months. (1) If you are looking for an optimal improvement in your skin’s texture and tone, Skinvive may be the boost in revitalization that you need. 

At Gorin Plastic Surgery, located near Portland, OR, you can find the perfect non-surgical, anti-aging solution you are looking for. Our skilled injectors are trained in the most advanced and up-to-date techniques to nurture patient happiness and satisfaction in their treatment of choice. To see if Skinvive is the right option for your skincare needs, please call us at (503) 692-7222 or visit our contact page. A staff member will gladly assist you in scheduling a consultation.

What is Skinvive? 

Skinvive is a hyaluronic acid-based injectable that works best on younger patients who are looking to smooth out fine lines and restore skin health. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a completely safe, biocompatible, and organic material that is utilized in many FDA-approved products. (2) Skinvive is also equipped with the commonly used numbing agent, lidocaine, which reduces discomfort with every injection. 

While most other HA-based fillers are used to define facial contours and address sunken, “hollow” areas, Skinvive works to encourage excellent hydration levels in the cheeks, the site where the skin is more prone to dryness. It does this by attracting and binding to water molecules. In contrast to the “T zone” of the face, consisting of the forehead, nose, and chin- the cheeks don’t produce as much oil and can suffer more damage caused by sun exposure, cold weather, and harsh soaps. 

Skinvive’s hyaluronic acid enters the dermis layer of the skin, the second layer that lies beneath the epidermis. Within this tissue, the HA binds to connective fibers such as collagen and elastin, proteins that give structural support, rigidity, and elasticity to the skin as a whole. They also support the extracellular matrix, every area that lies in between cells. (3) This is a critical area that houses various proteins and minerals that nourish the skin and assist in healing wounds. 

Increased HA in the dermal layer also stimulates the inflammatory process, increasing the amount of fibroblast cells, the cells responsible for creating the connective fibers themselves. With this aspect of the treatment, Skinvive can be used to fill in minor fine lines without volumizing.

Skinvive v.s. Botox 

Botox is one of the most popular skin treatments that patients often compare other treatments with. Botox is only implemented as a wrinkle-prevention tool by modifying facial muscle tissue. Its active ingredient, botulinum toxin, blocks the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, letting the muscle relax and smooth out the overlying skin. Even though it has anti-aging benefits, it doesn’t directly contribute to skin health the way Skinvive does. 

Candidates for Skinvive 

Though Skinvive is incredibly safe and appropriate for almost anyone over the age of 21 looking for a deep moisturizing treatment, there are some exceptions. Prospective patients who have experienced anaphylaxis with any dermal injection or have a recorded history of severe skin allergies should consider another treatment. If you are allergic to lidocaine, Skinvive may cause an unwanted reaction. Those with open lesions, acne, rashes, and/or infections should have their conditions treated prior to any cosmetic treatment since the injections can interfere with healing. Lastly, if you have ever had a facial viral outbreak, you may have to take a prescription antiviral medication to mitigate the risk of another outbreak.  

Personal Consultation

During your personal consultation at Gorin Plastic Surgery, you will have the opportunity to ask more questions about Skinvive, the results you can expect, and any aftercare instructions that will maximize your results. Your skincare specialist will walk you through your options, ensuring that Skinvive is the right treatment for your cosmetic needs and desires. With just a quick call to (503) 692-7222, an experienced member of our team will help you schedule a thorough consultation. Alternatively, you can reach us through our contact form online, and we will answer promptly. Our collective knowledge, expertise, and service will help you achieve your best self with revitalized confidence. 


Skinvive gel injections are relatively simple in comparison to many other cosmetic procedures, so not much preparation is required. Prior to your injection session, you should stop taking blood thinners and anti-inflammatories to reduce the chance of swelling, bruising, or unwanted bleeding. You should examine all your medications and supplements to ensure there are no components that can thin the blood. If you are a smoker, you will want to stop using nicotine for a few weeks to allow your skin to heal better with the help of Skinvive. 

Skinvive Treatment 

Sessions take only about 15 minutes since the cheeks are the only treatment area, making it the perfect lunchtime procedure. Firstly, your injector will wipe your cheeks with alcohol to prevent any infection from developing in the skin. Next, they will use a marker to ensure that each injection is spaced appropriately, allowing for even distribution. Finally, they will administer small amounts of Skinvive superficially along the cheeks and massage the face afterward. After 3 to 5 injections, your injector will change out the needle so that each one enters the skin smoothly. Our specialists are careful to insert the needle at a 45-degree angle so that the medication isn’t administered deeper than the dermal layer. After your treatment, your injector will lather a specialized serum to help reduce redness and any superficial inflammation. All in all, most patients find the procedure very tolerable due to the use of new, sharp needles and the lidocaine within Skinvive itself.

Recovery and Results 

Immediately after your Skinvive session, you may experience some itchiness, redness, irritation, and swelling, but due to the nature of the filler, these side effects subside quickly. In the first 24 hours after your treatment, you should avoid exercising, sweating, drinking alcohol, or sun exposure to allow your side effects to reduce significantly faster. Within 1 week, you should expect your skin to feel normal and look more rejuvenated. 

Since HA is already present within the skin, most patients have no issues with Skinvive. With every passing week, you should continue to see subtle improvements such as improved smoothness, glow, and radiance. You can expect to maintain your results for 6 to 9 months, depending on your metabolism and lifestyle habits. Ask your skincare specialist about products that are well-suited for your skin type in order to increase the longevity of your results. In addition, you should use a daily sunscreen of at least SPF 30 to protect yourself from harmful UV rays that contribute to skin aging and irregularities. 

Cost of Skinvive in Portland, OR

The cost of your Skinvive session will depend on your individual treatment plan which you will discuss with your skincare specialist at the time of your personal consultation. They may recommend an alternative option that best fits your budget and cosmetic desires.  During this first appointment, you will receive an accurate cost estimate. 

If you are ready to make a change in your skin’s health, complexion, and overall appearance, call Gorin Plastic Surgery at (503) 692-7222 or let us know more about you by filling out our contact form online


Is Skinvive considered a dermal filler? 

Skinvive is considered to be an injectable hyaluronic acid-based gel, but it is not classified as a dermal filler. This is due to the fact that it does not volumize the treatment area; it only provides skin rejuvenation benefits. 

Is Skinvive safe for all skin types? 

Skinvive’s effects are effective and safe for all skin types on the Fitzpatrick Scale, a chart that categorizes skin based on color and its ability to tan. It is also compatible for people with oily, dry, or combination skin. 

How can I make the results of Skinvive last longer? 

Skinvive has been proven to provide results for up to 9 months, and there are many steps you can take to encourage its longevity. Firstly, you should consult a professional on the type of daily moisturizer you should use. You should also be sure to drink plenty of water so that the HA has plenty of water to bind to, avoid any other cosmetic treatment for up to 2 weeks after your Skinvive session, and use daily sunscreen. 


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