The Science of  Skin Rejuvenation

Gorin Plastic Surgery & MedSpa is proud to offer SkinMedica, Skin care products developed to advance the science of skin rejuvenation through research, science, and innovation. Use our online store to shop right now without even leaving the home!

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Epionce Skin Care Products

The 5 Phase Epionce Fortify & Beautify System

Why struggle with the effects of damaged or aging skin when you can unleash its natural healing potential? Epionce’s exclusive multi-phase system leverages years of scientific research to take skin wellness to a whole new level. Now patent pending formulas deliver powerful therapy deep into the sub-layers of skin while protecting your skin’s natural barrier.


SkinMedica is a leader in science-based, age-defying skincare. Your SkinMedica method is a regimen you and your skincare professional can customize to your skin’s needs, from cleansing and advanced growth factors for skin renewal to ultimate hydration and protection, and more.

As for Latisse- that is a prescription strength product that we carry in the office and is not able to be ordered online. We can have a page about Latisse, but do not need a clickable link to a latisse page.

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Epicutis is a premium skincare brand dedicated to delivering scientifically advanced solutions for skin health and rejuvenation. Known for its commitment to clean beauty, Epicutis formulates its products using clinically proven ingredients, ensuring both efficacy and safety. Each product is designed to address specific skin concerns, from aging and dryness to sensitivity and acne, while promoting overall skin wellness. The brand stands out for its minimalist yet powerful approach, providing professional-grade skincare that integrates seamlessly into daily routines. Trusted by dermatologists and skincare enthusiasts alike, Epicutis continues to redefine skincare standards with its innovative and results-driven products.