Silicone vs Saline Implants | Ask Dr. G Video Blog Episode 1

What are the differences between Saline breast implants, and Silicone breast implants?

For this edition of the video blog I would like to briefly discuss my thoughts on saline vs silicone. Essentially it’s quite simple for my practice, I pretty much exclusively use 100% silicon. Here’s why:

Why are Silicone implants better than Saline?

In my experience, I feel that silicone has a better overall shape, feel, and therefore long term result than what salines can offer.

Downsides of Silicone Implants

Of course the downside is if there is a leak of the saline implant your body simply absorbs it and you get basically what’s called a “flat tire” where the affected breast loses volume due to the rupture.

Alternatively, If the silicone implant has a small hole in it, you don’t get that same effect, in fact you typically wouldn’t notice and that’s because the silicone is so thick and cohesive (meaning it generally maintains its connectivity and shape even if the outer casing is ruptured). An MRI test can potentially diagnose a small hole in the shell. in which case we would give you a new implant. Thankfully that’s exceptionally rare, and in fact I believe I haven’t seen more than 1 or 2 (if that) silicone implant ruptures since I’ve started my practice in 2005. Thanks for watching, and that’s it for today’s video blog!

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