Is it Possible to Combine Liposuction and Cryolipolysis?

Question: Hi, I’ve been struggling with weight loss for a while now, and seeing as a combination of exercise and abstinence isn’t working out too well for me, recently I’ve been looking into surgical solutions. A friend of mine did get a cryopolysis surgery done, and it has proved very efficient. As it happens, however, most sites discourage using cp. against overweight rather than targeting specific areas. I weigh roughly 115kg and am about 190cm. Most of the fat is on my hips and stomach.

Answer: Liposuction Combined with CoolSculpting

I would not suggest this combo procedure. I understand the thought process (hitting the areas with the maximum power available). However, I just do not see how this would work well. In the future, studies may be performed showing a benefit here. For now, I would suggest one then the other.

In my practice, I would be liposuction (laser assisted, ultrasound assisted, power assisted, etc) first. After 6 months, I would consider CoolSculpting as a secondary treatment as needed (I actually had this sequence myself a few yrs ago).

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