Testimonials From Our Surgical and Medspa Patients

We are humbled and honored to have received so many patient testimonials discussing how instrumental we’ve been in positive transformation. Patient testimonials are presented as we received them. As we continue to hear from happy patients we will continue to update this space in hopes of inspiring others to pursue their aesthetic joy.

Check out our reviews and what our patients are saying about us!

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RealSelf Patient Reviews of Aaron D. Gorin, MD

Mommy Makeover Patients

I am so unbelievably happy with my results, you have no idea and I can never thank you enough for the self confidence I have gotten back! This was the best choice I have ever made and am so happy I found such a great doc! It actually brings tears of joy to see my new tummy, I was so ashamed of my body before. I will definitely get on those sites and let everyone know that you and your staff are the best ever!

I just wanted to thank all of you for being so awesome all the way through my surgery and recovery. I have been so impressed with all the special care you have provided to me that I am encouraging my friends to see you if they have even had a thought of having any type of cosmetic surgery. I sing your praises all the time. I even show off your work and I was thinking that this would be a personal thing for me but with the great work you have done I had to show my tummy tuck off. I am even impressed with your availability no matter what time of day or night I needed a question answered. Since my surgery in March I have sent to you 3 friends. This shows how much faith I have in the work and care you all provide. Thank you all for making me feel like family.

Thanks again so much to you and your awesome staff. I really feel so fortunate to have chosen your clinic. The energy is so positive and you are all so professional, thorough, respectful, discrete, laid back and humorous, as well. A perfect combination that made for an excellent experience. You guys have a great thing going!  I was very nervous about everything but you made everything a breeze and all my needs were anticipated and met perfectly and I look forward to a better life thanks to you! Thank you so much!

Breast Augmentation Patients

Talk about running a well oiled ship! Wow…where to even start?! Direct from patient

I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Gorin and his ENTIRE staff! Talk about running a well oiled ship! Wow…where to even start?! My very first phone call alone drew me in as a client because they were so incredibly kind, patient, were happy to answer all my questions or inquire with the surgeon and get back to me immediately! Dr. Gorin was very clear on expectations and even encouraged me to consult with other Plastic surgeons before making my decision. But based on his fantastic bedside manners, obvious integrity and many positive other overall factors, I was sold. He mentioned a few times his policy on FREE revisions up to a year after surgery. I didn’t really inquire because I didn’t think my situation would apply. Well, unfortunately my body didn’t heal or ‘take’ the procedure as expected and I ended up having to schedule a revision a 11 months later. BUT, he never made me feel awkward or uncomfortable about it and was extremely supportive in proceeding with it. The revision was a success by the way and I am very pleased (so is my husband – HA!). Another incredible feature about Dr. Gorin is he isn’t kidding when he says he is available 24/7 via text or phone call after your procedure. AND he answers almost IMMEDIATELY! I mean, what doctor offers THAT?! It was such a comfort and I would send photos with concerns and he would respond quickly and assure me my healing was completely normal and to do my best to be patient. I could go on and on, but rest assured you will be in AWESOME hands with Dr. Gorin and his entire staff. Absolutely wonderful and I will actually miss going in and seeing their warm, genuinely friendly, smily, shiny personalities and faces…THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

I cannot thank you enough, you have given me the most beautiful breasts ever! I know they still have alot of settling to do and they are still swollen but I can already tell how perfect they will be. I can’t stop looking at them! Thank you!  I am a VERY happy patient. I’m not even in any pain or discomfort and I’m taking the lowest dose of painkillers. I’m just soooo happy with the whole experience! You and your office are #1 in my book and will definitely be getting more business from me and anyone I know in need of your services. Thank you!

Traveled 500 Miles Just to Go to Him, He is That Good! | Via RealSelf

I did my research for years before getting my surgery. Dr. Gorin really knows what he is doing. I live in an area where I didn’t like the work of the local surgeons. I wanted my breast augmentation to look natural but also perfected. After searching I settled on Dr. Gorin even though he was 500 miles away because his work was so amazing. Best decision, I have no regrets! It’s 5 months post op and my new breasts are soft, symmetrical, perfect volume, and exactly what I wanted.

5’1–107lbs—415cc—Best decision ever! | Via RealSelf

Being from Portland, the obvious choice was to see Dr. Gorin for BA. Dr. Gorin is most popular by word of mouth, as his outstanding results speak for themselves. I have many friends who have had BA by Dr. Gorin, a few even being 8+ years old and still looking perfect. He was the first and only surgeon that I had a consultation with, as I was positive that he was going to deliver the best results.
I chose to have my breasts enhanced after volume loss due to losing weight. Being very into fitness, I soon realized that I had the power to manipulate my entire body…..except for my breasts. Due to my breasts being relatively empty, I was incredibly nervous that they would not turn out well. Dr. Gorin is very experienced. Along with making himself available to patients 24/7, I felt very comfortable with him being my plastic surgeon.
At first I wanted 485cc implants. During surgery Dr. Gorin found that my natural breasts were too small to fit such a large implant, he instead placed 415cc implants. At first I was upset, but now that I have healed I cannot thank him enough!!! My breasts look far better than I had even anticipated. Dr. Gorin had the foresight to understand the importance of ensuring that breast size matches both desire and also lifestyle. I think he actually had a better idea than I did of what would look good. Had they been larger, I would have looked top heavy, had to purchase custom bras and would have a difficult time working out. I am incredibly happy with my results and my experience. Dr. Gorin truly is the best!

Thank you so much for your follow up e mail. With as much as we did yesterday, I appreciated the fact that you used blocks to do the fillers. No where else have I experienced such compassionate care, and respect of comfort measures. I felt I made the best choice in coming to see you and wont go anywhere else from now on!

I was very worried about regretting my decision. I didn’t have any consults other than Dr. Gorin due to his photos and reviews being so good. I can honestly say he more than met my expectations, his staff was amazing as well. I know they see hundreds of women but they treat you as if they know you! I am only 3 weeks post op but already love my results. I can tell my scars are healing well and I cannot believe how low my tummy tuck scar is. My boobs look perfect. The reviews about quick responses from Dr. Gorin are no joke, I don’t think I ever waited more than 15 minutes for an email reply for my after surgery questions. He not only answered my questions but explained in a way that I understood. Oh and… the nurse the day of surgery was so nice and helpful/sweet. Loved her. The anesthesiologist was young and threw me off but was so personable and put me at ease. I felt no nausea when I woke up and didn’t remember a thing except talking with him about biking before I went under! (The things that stick with us!). He clearly did a great job. I would make the same decision in a heartbeat!

I have to say, You are beyond amazing with your email responses. I’ve never ever experienced such responsiveness and level of patient care. Wish I could find your equivalent in the world of PCPs. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I wanted to take the time to thank you! From day one you and your staff were wonderful. You answered all of my questions straight forward which put my mind at ease. I felt comfortable with your decision on size and type of implant as well. The day of surgery I was nervous, but your entire staff that day was awesome. From the nurse who greeted us at the door to the anesthesiologist, and everyone beyond, all of you made my husband and me feel at ease! They made my husband and I laugh and they explained each step that was going to be taken. My recovery has been just how you explained it. Pain was tolerable and flew by. Now my results… can I just say I LOVE THEM! Oh and my husband – he said if he knew now how it was all going to play out he would have never questioned it! We are both very happy! My confidence is amazing! I feel like a new woman! The size is perfect. Glad I didn’t go bigger or smaller! Thank you for being an email away… it helped me sooo much! They have both dropped significantly and one word BAMM! Tried on bras 34D… never thought I would ever say that! Happy! I have referred you to many friends for breast augmentation, lifts, tummy tucks and one eye lid surgery.

Dr. Gorin is absolutely wonderful. I have a friend in the medical industry, and he is who referred me to Dr. Gorin. Dr. Gorin has an outstanding bedside manner, and he is accessible 24/7. My tummy tuck is perfect. I have a friend who works for a fellow plastic surgeon, and when she saw my tummy tuck, she said it was the most beautiful tummy tuck she had ever seen. When I went to my general practitioner, he said the same thing. I had to have an ekg, and the assistant told me it was the best tummy tuck she had ever seen. My friends are amazed at my before and after. I highly recommend Dr. Gorin. He and his staff are extremely skilled and truly care about the patient. Since my tummy tuck, I feel so much better about myself, and am truly happy with my body. Dr. Gorin put’s his patients safety above all else, and I really appreciated that about him. Everything is explained very well before the surgery, so there are no surprises. I have referred many of my friends to Dr. Gorin. As a side note, prior to my surgery, my stomach muscles were separated, so I had no abdominal muscle definition. Now I am working out and have six pack abs. I am always told like my stomach looks like that of a 16 year old. I turn 50 in July. Pretty exciting, huh. The compliments are nice, but mostly it is how I feel about myself. Before I was embarrassed of my stomach, and now I embrace it.

I just wanted to thank you again for doing such a fabulous job. I so appreciate you being so detail oriented and the thoughtful way you customize each procedure to your patient. Of course I was nervous to give anyone the green light to cut into my body but after meeting you and having such a thorough, individualized consultation, I felt soooooo much more comfortable with the whole idea. You and your staff have been so great-truly genuine.

I appreciate your good work daily and am definitely enjoying having a little more woman in me! I feel very lucky to have found you and hope that you stay practicing for a while-in case I need you again-after kids or for aging. Anyway’s, you are wonderful-thank you.


They look great!! Best thing I could have ever done for myself! That about sums it up. But I guess I should add how WONDERFUL Dr.Gorin and his staff were and continue to be. With some doctors they rope you in with so much attention you feel like you are the only patient they have and when the surgery is done, you get moved on down the list. Well, it has not been that way with Dr.Gorin. I have felt so important from the beginning. I am just now coming up on three months since my surgery and I feel great. And my boobs look great. Thanks to Dr.Gorin and staff for making this one of the best experiences of my life. You and your staff’s warmth is heart felt. And it shows.

Sincerely, LL

It’s only been 2 weeks since my surgery but already I am so thrilled with the results. As things continue to  settle in and improve over time (which they will) I am going to be one happy girl. How I wish I had discovered you ages ago and had this work done! All the years I wasted and the entire time… there ya were! So frustrating! I am so very glad I chose you for the surgery. You really ‘got’ what the problem was and I trusted you knew how to fix it. You really worked some major magic on my chest. I imagine it was a bit of a challenge but you managed to create a work of art from my bosom! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

P.S. Your staff is wonderful also. Kudos to all the gals there.

Facelift Patients

Dr. Gorin: I have to tell you – you’ve probably heard it many times before – but I am back to school now, and nobody even guesses what I did. They just tell me I look great, which is really nice to hear. I’m a satisfied customer!

Filler Patient

Thank you for doing such a fabulous job on my filler injections on Monday. I had minimal lip bruising, which can be easily concealed with lipstick for my video shoot. I had almost no swelling. My face looks terrific, very smooth. I appreciate your expert work!

Liposuction and Breast Augmentation Patient

Thank you Dr. Gorin for not only making feel better physically, but mentally as well! I used to hate deciding on what to wear each day because I knew how I felt in each outfit. Now I try on clothes and LOVE what I see in the mirror. The ONLY regret I have about my surgery is that I didn’t do it sooner. I was a bit hesitant after the first consultations with other doctors, but once I met you, I knew it would be a wonderful experience. Other plastic surgeons had me in and out within fifteen minutes, but you had me there for over an hour, discussing options and outcomes. That meant a lot. Every visit to your office is uplifting. Pun intended. =) The only reason anyone would not go to you is because they have not met you. And your incredible support staff! I have already recommended you to many friends and acquaintances – with utmost confidence. My hope is that they come to you yet thank ME for recommending you. =) I can’t even count the positive compliments received since my lipo and BA. You were so right in your guidance. Can I thank you and your staff enough? Nope. Not in an email. But I can be living proof of your talent. Without doubt, you are the best.

Brachioplasty Patient

Words cannot express how well your team cares for their patients! Thank you so much for doing such a great job on my brachioplasty and being such a great group of caregivers! I recommend your office as often as I get a chance! Thank you!

Tummy Tuck Patients

You really put in overtime when it comes to your patient’s personal care. You’re more on top of things than I could have ever imagined. I’ve sung your praise high and low to many a woman, young and old. Hopefully they turn into great success stories and new voices for you too. You’ve been awesome. Even on your vacation… that truly amazed me… who does that? For goodness sake… even the most dedicated would only want to hear of an emergency. Thanks for being as awesome as you have. I’m beyond impressed. Take good care of yourself…you take wonderful care of others.

Tummy Tuck with MR After 110 Pound Weight Loss (5’7″)

So far I have been very happy with how my tummy tuck looks and I have been very pleased with Dr. Gorins responsiveness to all of my questions and concerns.
I have definitely had my ups and downs but recovery so far has been a tad easier than I thought it would be.

Real full patient story on RealSelf >

Breast Lift and Abdominoplasty Patient 2

Dr. Gorin: I wanted to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all you have done. I never expected the results that I obtained. Your dedication to your profession is valued.

Breast Augmentation Patient3

You know, I was telling my dad today after our appointment that you are the best doctor that I have ever encountered in all my travels with myself, my children, my siblings, my spouse…all of the above…and I wanted you to know that. Your after care is surpassed by NONE. I mean that sincerely. I can’t think of one thing about your care that I could complain or be concerned about. At least with me…you have done a tremendous job. I feel very comfortable and safe in your care and I wanted you to know. Thank you doesn’t really cover it, but THANK YOU.

Breast Augmentation Patient 4

Dr Gorin, You are such a kind and wonderful doctor. I just think I am blessed to have had you be my surgeon. You are such a perfectionist and have the best bed side manner. Thank you for everything you have done.

Breast Augmentation Patient 5

I just wanted to thank you for making my surgery comfortable. I have never met such a genuine surgeon. I was really most concerned about the size, the pain I was going to experience when waking up, etc. I truly think it depends on the doctor. You pay attention to your patients concerns.

Brow Lift and Upper Blepharoplasty Patient

The before and after pictures are amazing. I’m very glad I went ahead and had both procedures done, my eyes are looking better and better the more time goes by and the swelling decreases. I have been getting a lot of compliments. Thank You! You did a beautiful job.

Abdominoplasty and Liposuction Patient

I was thinking… Everyday, you come to work and you’ll probably never have any idea of how much you’ve changed my life. What a gift you give to people! It must be such an amazing feeling affecting so many lives in such a wonderful way. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Breast Reconstruction Patient

Just a quick note to thank you for your incredible care over these last several months. I knew you were a special doctor when you connected with my surgeon in Eugene only hours prior to my surgery. She had never met you, yet you two devised a procedure that she had never done before and thankfully it turned out perfect. The mental strength I attained from that procedure helped me immeasurably. I am still being helped mentally from your quick action. And action is the appropriate word for you. You are constantly in touch via e-mail, or phone with all your patients. If you aren’t available (which is unusual) one of your wonderful staff will see that your needs are met, no matter how big or small. They are always prompt, cheerful and so warm. I never feel like a new or chronic patient. It’s always a pleasure, to be in your office, or during surgery.

And now I’m in the middle of breast reconstruction. Wow, I’m glad I went into this challenge with you and Marion. It’s been a little difficult but I have never been afraid thanks to you just being so positive, and a finger tip away, be it computer or phone. Even on holidays you’ve gotten prescriptions to me. So sorry about that.

I am just overwhelmed by all that you do to make each patient feel so special and safe. I am so fortunate to been blessed with a doctor who strives for the finest of care for his patients, and achieves the most beautiful results.
Your dedication is remarkable.

Your ever grateful patient,